Welcome to Cass County marriage site!

July 16, 2013

Our newest site.


February 6, 2013

This site is dedicated to helping people find relatives who were married in Cass county, Nebraska.  The information is taken from microfilm at the W. Dale Clark Library so that more people can find more information about their family.

If you can’t find family that you’re looking for, it may be because that this is a new site, or possibly they were married in another county that we’ve got more marriages posted.  Either way, continue to stop back.

A word of caution: so far, the records are hand written, and as we all know, not everyone has wonderfully legible hand writing.  If you find one you think is misspelled, let us know and we’ll check it against the film and correct it if it looks probable.  Sometimes it’s not the handwriting or the typing that’s in error, but it actually got spelled that way by the county clerk.  In that case, it stands.

Hopefully you can find more family here, and don’t forget to check our other marriage, birth and obit blogs for more folks in the area.

If you want a copy of a document and can’t make it to the library, there are several ways to get a copy:

1.  Write or email Greater Omaha Genealogical Society, PO box 4011, Omaha, NE 68104, for a copy at $5 per copy.

2.  Email:  gogsresearch@gmail.com  with the entry you want copied & pasted from the web site.  $5 per copy,  or 6 from any of our web sites for $25 if ordered at the same time.  The address to mail your check will be sent to you.

3.  Write to the W. Dale Clark Library 3rd floor research area.  They will do copies: 3 for $20, with a limit of one 3 item request per week.

Remember, this is a new site, and there will be many more names added in the future.  Good luck hunting for your extended family.

Welcome to Cass co, NE Marriages

May 24, 2010

Welcome to Cass co, NE Marriages

This is another Nebraska marriage site brought to you by Greater Omaha Genealogy Society (G.O.G.S.). One of the things we do is to work to make more records available so that we can all find more ancestors.

While this site may be slow growing, we will continue to add more names. Be aware that people living in one county may have married in another county, for many different reasons, so check out our various marriage web sites if you can’t find somebody in your home county.

Our site is merely an index to marriages, and we include those who got a license, but did not actually marry (or at least they didn’t return the license to indicate they did.) If you can’t visit Cass co to obtain a copy of the marriage record you want, you can contact G.O.G.S., PO Box 4011, Omaha, NE 68104 ($5/copy either mailed or emailed).

Or you can contact TheGenLady@gmail.com. ($5 per copy or 6 for $25 if ordered at the same time…any of our sites.)

You can also contact W. Dale Clark Library in Omaha where we have many of the records on microfilm. They will do up to three copies per week for $20.

Happy Searching.